Shanley Farms

Morro Bay Avocados

In Season: August - November

This box contains approximately 10 - 11 avocados of a variety of sizes. Morro Bay Avocados are premium hass avocados available beginning the first of September and into November. Morro Bay Avocados are grown in the northernmost avocado growing region in California. Morro Bay Avocados are the last avocados harvested at the end of the California avocado season. Shanley Farms is committed to harvesting Morro Bay Avocados only once they have reached full maturity and achieved a peak oil content. The end results are extremely rich in flavor, creamy, and smooth avocados.

We recommend staggering the ripening process of your avocados.  Place 1/3 in your refrigerator, 1/3 on your kitchen counter, and the remaining 1/3 in a brown paper bag with an apple to speed up the ripening. 

Popular Morro Bay Avocado Recipe

Currently Out of Season

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