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The Shanley Farms Story

Shanley Farms is a California-based fruit company built by father and daughter team Jim Shanley and Megan Shanley Warren with the shared purpose of delighting and exciting food lovers and culinary adventurers with their ecologically sound and truly unique produce products.

Jim & Megan Shanley
Morro Bay

In 1998 Jim Shanley retired from his successful career in commodities trading to begin farming as a way to build a family legacy tied to the land. A legacy that is now carried on by daughter Megan and her three sons James, Jack, and Sterling.

Starting with Morro Canyon Ranch in Morro Bay, California, Jim settled in and began his “retirement” planting the avocados that would soon become known as ‘Gator Eggs’ (famous for their conveniently delicious single-serving size and shape).

“People say there is nothing new under the sun. Follow me. You’ll find something.”

Jim Shanley

Just over a decade later Jim invited his daughter Megan to join the 40-acre operation. Holding a Bachelor of Science in Applied Economics and Management from Cornell University and with two years experience working for a global berry distributer under her belt, Megan lept at the chance to build something meaningful and long lasting alongside her father. She is now the Chief Executive Officer alongside her husband who acts as the Director of Sales and Marketing.

Megan and Jim expanded operations upon the acquisition of 62-acre Venice Hill Ranch in Visalia, California in 2011- a productive piece of land readily yielding avocados, oranges, lemons and kiwis. This foray into citrus farming led Jim to the Citrus Exhibition hosted by a group of researchers from UC Riverside where he was introduced to Australia’s native finger lime.

Despite its odd appearance, it was love at first sight, and Jim quickly bought his first trees with a vision for introducing the exotic microcitrus to the American market. Aptly named Citriburst, Shanley Farms sells their California grown organic finger limes to retailers, restaurants and bars that cater to food lovers, cocktail artists and culinary adventures far and wide.

Committed to Layered Agriculture, a farming technique that skillfully utilizes all available land by pairing symbiotic crops, the Shanley Farms program includes Citriburst finger limes and pearls, Morro Bay Avocados, Gator Eggs Avocados, Goji Berries, Viola Figs, Passion Fruit, Dragon Fruit, and specialty varieties of coffee.


Farmed Acres in
Morro Bay, CA


Farmed Acres in
Visalia, CA


Shanley Farms
was Founded by Jim
Shanley in 1998

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