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Does Shanley Farms sell finger lime trees?
No. Contact your local nursery to find out the best place to purchase a finger lime tree.

Should I store my finger limes in the refrigerator?

The exterior rind of my finger lime is very dark; does that mean it is bad?
No. The color of the rind varies depending on the time of the season and whether or not the trees are getting cool or hot weather. The cooler trees tend to produce a dark purple or brown skin color. The warmer trees tend to produce finger limes that have a bright green skin color.

Why does my package of finger limes have different color pearls?
The pearls come in a wide range of colors. There is no correlation between skin color and pulp color though; therefore no way to predict what the color of the pearls will be based on the color of the finger lime skin. The colors range from bright neon green, light green, champagne, light pink and vibrant pink. They are all the same variety and taste the same.

How do I use a finger lime?
Cut it in half and squeeze out the citrus pearls. Check out the Recipes page for usage ideas.

Can I place my order online now and you can delay shipping until a specified time?
No. Please read our shipping guidelines carefully when you place your order so that you know when to expect the finger limes to arrive.

How long do finger limes last?
When stored in refrigeration they will last at least 2-3 weeks from the day they ship out.

How big are finger limes?
The sizing will range depending on the time of the season. The finger limes will be anywhere from 1.5 inches – 2 inches long, and 0.3 inches – 0.5 inches in diameter.

When is the finger lime season?
The finger lime season starts mid-July and runs until late December early January.

I want to order finger limes during the winter holiday season, will you have them available?
Our supply becomes fairly limited during late December. Demand is very strong leading up to the holidays, and the trees are beginning to slow down as they approach the end of their season. There is also a greater possibility of unfavorable weather conditions hitting the growing region during December. We cannot guarantee that we will have fruit available then.

What is the best climate to grow finger lime trees in?
Finger limes were originally found growing in a subtropical rainforest area, they have adapted well to Mediterranean climates on both the central coast of California as well as in the San Joaquin Valley of California.

Is a finger lime a natural fruit?
Yes. A finger Lime grows wild in Australia. It is not genetically modified nor is it a hybrid fruit.

Are your finger limes organic?
No. It is not a certified organic product. We are currently in the process of getting it organically certified. However there are very little chemicals used in the growing and maintenance of finger limes.

How long has Shanley Farms been producing finger limes?
They have been producing commercially quantities of fruit since fall of 2010.

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